"Your solution for when you feel tossed and turned by the unyielding currents of daily tasks"

It's never really anything big right? Just the small, mundane tasks of life that cause it. A little swaying here and a slight current there. The next thing we know, we haven't prayed in days or read in weeks. We've completely drifted from our source. No, not intentionally but nonetheless we find ourselves afar off from where our souls long to be.


You're not alone. It's a common place for many women. It can be spiritually frustrating and downright discouraging. So, I want to help.


By no means have I mastered swimming in a world full of wild waves. It's just that I have been there, right where you are. In fact, I've been there multiple times; so often that I've learned through the Word of God some life-saving techniques. I've gathered steps that I hope to share personally with as many women as possible.

The Anchored program is intended to help you reconnect to the main source of life, which is Jesus Christ. My belief is that once we do that, He alone will show us how to navigate through every wave we encounter.

Program Details

  • The duration of the program will be 7 weeks.

  • The delivery format will be announced at a later date.

  • The number of allowable participants will be limited to 5.

  • There is no cost to participate (a small fee for program materials will be assessed). 

  • The application for participation will be available December 15, 2020


Launching Spring 2021

A 7-week long cohort intended to reconnect women back to the source, when life has tugged so much that we've drifted.

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