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"Tools to help parents lay the foundation of faith in their children"

We start well before they can speak. From the beginning, we teach and guide. We grasp their little hands, encouraging them to hold a bottle. We support them as they learn to walk, being fully patient through each stumble. Right from the start, we train. Why? The answer is simple. We know they do not become independent adults by coincidence. The same holds true when it comes to their spiritual journey. So, as Christian parents, our aim has to be more!

We must take heed to Proverbs 22:6 by being intentional in our actions of teaching, supporting and training our children to become disciples of Jesus Christ. Let's learn from one another. Join me on this grace-filled journey of taking our children from diapers to disciples!

There is so much more to come from this arm of His Eyes Publications. Until then, continue to check back regularly for tools to help you lay the foundation of faith in your child.

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